SCA San Roque

markets the brand Orovalle Oil

located in Pinos del Valle, province of Granada.

The San Roque Cooperativein Pinos del Valleis the marketer of the Orovalle brand. This Cooperative, founded in 1943, brings together more than 650 farmers in the area, who, following the tradition of their ancestors, pamper the product of the land with the same passion as in the past. We have also adapted to the new times, equipping the oil mill and the farms with the most modern technology to guarantee the quality of the product, always taking into account the most demanding regulations.


The engine of our work is our heart, the passion with which we work every day to achieve the best product.


We do things the way they have always been done, respecting the land and customs that we were taught


Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure safety and hygiene.

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